Cat Care

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  • Finding Your Lost Cat
  • Feeding those Hungry Bottle Babies:  This article has photos and shows you how to care for a tiny kitten that is not eating on its own. 
  • Syringe Feeding a Sick Kitty 
  • Bringing Kitty Home
  • No More Ear Mites: Brief article on getting rid of ear mites in your cat.
  • FIV – Bad Case of Rumors:  Some vets still think FIV is a death sentence, but it isn’t.  It’s difficult to spread and many FIV+ cats outlive FIV- cats.
  • MY TOES! Don’t cut them off!! Declawing is far more than a nail trim. It’s cutting the finger at the first knuckle. This article explains the process and alternatives to declawing. 
  • Trimming those Nails: Start when your cat is a kitten, trim a few nails and give him a treat.  Won’t be long before your kitty will sit for his nail trimming.
  • No More Babies!  These are good places to get your cat or dog fixed at a reasonable rate in Orange County. 
  • You Want Me to Take a Pill!!  Useful tips with photos on how to pill a cat.
  • Reducing the number of stray cats (T-N-R):  This is an 8 minute video on Trap-Neuter-Release programs and why this is the best way to reduce the number of cats in a neighborhood.  Lots of good tips! 
  • Cat Food Recommendations:  Vets used to say that adult cats need dry food only. That’s changed — studies are showing “dry food only” causes health problems and isn’t better for the teeth. This article talks about what to look for in good quality food for cats.
  • Introducing Cats to Cats & Dogs:  Cats take everything slow, including meeting new cats and dogs, so don’t rush it. These tips have worked for thousands of cat introductions.
  • Cats Need Wet Food: Studies show cats need wet food, this tells you why.
  • Solving Litter Box Issues:  Litter box issues are the most annoying thing a cat owner can deal with.  Many are easy to solve, but you have to understand why there is an issue. This article covers many solutions that work!
  • Our Adoption Book: the guide we give to all new kitty parents