Foster Cats or Kittens

Foster parents are the lifeblood of our rescue.  We do not run a shelter, so all of our cats and kittens are fostered in volunteers’ homes until they are adopted.  You can foster a single adult cat, a bonded pair, a mom and her kittens, a pregnant mom, or if you truly have the time and energy, “bottle babies” — tiny kittens without a mom.

As a foster, your job is to care for the cat in your home, and to spend time with the cat to learn their personality and socialize them, especially if they are kittens.  As a foster, you’ll become an expert on your cat and we’ll rely on you when helping potential adopters find the cat that’s right for them.

We’ll also ask your assistance with taking the cat to any vet appointments and transporting to/from adoption events, although we can provide help with this if necessary.  We may also ask you to facilitate visits in your home with potential adopters, depending on the cat and your location.

Everyone was new at this once, and we’ll provide as much information and advice as you need.  Fostering is incredibly rewarding and a great way to help cats or kittens without a lifetime commitment.

At times, we may need special fosters. Sometimes we need short-term fosters for tasks such as two weeks of intensely socializing a single cat. At other times, we need long-term fosters to take in cats with medical needs. (We supply veterinary care and medications.)

Fostering can be a great way to find a potential adoptive cat for your own family, if you are looking!

To get started, fill out the foster questionnaire by clicking the link below.