Fosters Needed!

HELP NEEDED NOW! This time of year is hard for rescues. We get so many pleas for help and we feel helpless because we are limited. Right now, there are multiple situations that our rescue is trying to help with. A colony of cats are in imminent danger of being picked up by animal control and taken to a shelter where they will be euthanized. There are at least two pregnant moms and three moms with babies that we can move as soon as we have fosters. In addition, there are two pregnant moms living outside and three nursing moms that are outdoors as well…with their kittens. ⠀

Bottom line is WE NEED FOSTERS! All you need is a small room to keep them in so mom can do her thing. It’s for a short time, rescue provides all vetting and placement of kitties. Please, please open your hearts and homes and help us save these kitties. Contact Julie at 714-756-0679 (text is best) or or go to our website at, the “Get Involved” tab has a link for a foster form (Application). ⠀

Picture is a mom and her kittens, living outside until they were rescued.⠀

Please help!⠀

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