Meet Bella and Bailey

Bella and Bailey are great with kids, dogs, other cats and adults too. Very well socialized, easy going kittens.
These 2 are not sisters by birth but they were rescued around the same time and they think they are sisters. Both love to run and play and wrestle with each other they are also friendly with other cats and of course they love people because they’ve been handled since quite small.
If you are interested in meeting either or both please go to our website and complete our adoption questionnaire, #adoptdontshop #fosteringsaveslives #southerncountiesrescue

Meet Oreo and Butter two great siblings. Oreo is the black and white kitty and Butter is the calico. They are part of a family of four siblings but Oreo and Butter just seems to have a connection.
If you would like more information about either Oreo or Butter please go to our website at and complete our online application.

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Who can resist two brothers George and Karl, they are absolutely adorable…love people, love each other and will complete your family.
These two guys are being fostered in San Diego and can be met there or in San Juan Capistrano at Petco where we do adoptions.
They are the perfect kittens in that they love people, use their litter box, are not destructive and that’s because they have each other to wrestle with. They are tested negative for FeLV FIV, neutered, current on vaccines, dewormed, flea free and microchipped, already for you.
Karl has a beautiful tucked coat so there is some Abyssinian in him. George has an adorable belly of spots, maybe a little Bengal in his ancestors. We don’t know their history because they were rescued with their mom while quite young from a farming community.
Please apply to meet them on our website. You won’t be sorry you chose George and Karl.
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Sweet, sweet babies. Two super brothers, Snickers and Onyx. One with lots of spots and one with bright gold eyes. A perfect pair for your family. If you are thinking you want to adopt just one kitten please reconsider, kittens turn into much better cats when they have a play buddy.

Snickers and Onyx are a little timid at first so I don’t think small children would be good, pre-teens, teens and adults would be wonderful. Of course these brothers would love to be adopted together and would make a wonderful loving pair, but can be separated.and be buddy to your playful kitty or dog.

Snickers and Onyx were born in farm country to a stray mama cat (who is now fixed).

They are neutered, microchipped for ID, negative for FeLV/FIV, current on shots, dewormed and flea free. All ready for your home.

Please visit our website and complete an application. #adoptdontshop #fostering saves lives #rescueme #kittens #southerncountiesrescue

LoverBoy is his nickname because he loves people and will follow you around. A big Lynx Point Siamese, he was rescued in Mexicali, very friendly we don’t know what happened to his original home. LoverBoy is good with female cats but can be “alpha” with other male cats. We think he had to fight for his “place” when homeless. He is very happy being inside and spoiled.
LB will join you on the bed or where your are, a great “buddy” cat. I think he well be perfectly happy as an only cat or with a female buddy or non-alpha male.

Healthy, negative for FeLV/FIV, neutered, current on vaccines, dewormed, microchipped & flea free. Young, vet estimates 2-3 years old. All ready to join your family.

Please visit our website to complete our adoption questionnaire.

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A couple of weeks ago we rescued a litter of 5 adorable kittens off a post where someone was giving them away for free at 5 weeks. Wanting them to be spayed/neutered and vaccinated before going to forever homes and knowing 5 weeks was much to young we offered to take them.A few days after going to the foster home Tiger started heavy breathing and was very lethargic so we rushed him to our vet. After x-rays and other tests it was discovered he had a hole in his diaphragm and Pneumonia. He immediately was transferred to the specialty hospital to confer with a surgeon and the possibility of fixing his hole. Unfortunately his little body couldn’t withstand the surgery and we lost him.The next day Charlee started rapid breathing 90 breaths per minute, 16 to 40 is normal so we rushed her to our vet. They gave her medicine to help her and scheduled a echocardiogram thinking it was her heart. The echocardiogram showed no problems with the heart.  Since then she has had periods of rapid breathing and three more trips to the vet for x-rays. She has stayed at the vet and been monitored where she would have rapid breathing and then be totally normal. The final diagnosis is she had pneumonia as a result of a bad upper respiratory infection and is now on the second medicine hopefully to make her 100% better. Yesterday another litter mate has rapid breathing and will need x-rays.

All these trips to our vet and to the vet specialist has resulted in large vet bills. Please help us. We rely on our cat loving community to take on these medical cases and save lives please help Charlee and her littermates. Click here to donate.