Are you looking for a big, strong, handsome young man to keep you warm this Christmas and cuddle with in front of the fireplace? Well look no further, Patches is your guy. Coming in at 12 pounds, this handsome panda bear is a total love bug, lap cat and purr box. What more could you ask for?

Patches was returned to our rescue because his previous owners decided they wanted two kittens instead. Patches is not holding a grudge and is still so incredibly loving and is not shy about it!

Patches is hoping to find his forever home by Christmas ? ❤ ?

If you’d like to know more about Patches, please visit:

If you’d like to meet and possibly adopt Patches, please fill out an adoption questionnaire at

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A success story! FIP, Feline Infectious Peritonitis, was untreatable and a death sentence until 3 years ago. If your cat is diagnosed don’t let your vet tell you there is no cure.

We currently have 5 cats in treatment and the cost is staggering so can use your help paying for the medicine. Please donate at Thank you.

Here is one lucky cat who’s owner fought the battle and won.

November 26, 2021 “cured”. 122 days of treatment 101 of daily shots and 21 days of pills then 84 days of observation. G.W. the kitten we chased down in a Goodwill parking lot for 2.5 hours in the rain in October of 2020 is well and happy.

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Meet Stevie!

Stevie is the greatest little kitty! She has a BIG personality despite her tiny size; one minute she is on the hunt and the next she is ready to cuddle. Stevie loves to play and wrestle, when she is finally tired you can find her lounging in your bed waiting for you to give her kisses and scratchies. She is what we call a “forever kitten” as she is very petite. This sweet girl can’t wait to find her forever home where she can be the queen bee!

More about Stevie:

To meet Stevie click complete the adoption questionnaire:

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The past two weekends we had some wonderful adoptions! We said our very first goodbye last weekend, when Demi went to her forever home with a wonderful couple and her two new older kitty sisters! Our first ever foster farewell wasn’t easy, but it was clear she was in her perfect place with an incredible family, and that makes all the difference.This weekend, Charlie and Latte went home together! They are now named Willow and Maisie (perfect names for them; I’m jealous we didn’t think of those names ourselves!?) to an amazing couple who couldn’t be better forever parents to our very special girls.

This experience has been surreal. It’s painful to walk out the door and say goodbye, yet incredibly satisfying and heartwarming to get updates from their forever families and see how much they’re already thriving and getting the love and spoiling they deserve, from the most giving and caring families. We couldn’t have been more fortunate for these first two adoptions!

Mama Jellybean and the boys (now 14 weeks old) (Noodles, Squeakers, & Wolfie) are still with us and we hope to find them their perfect forevers too! Until then, they have a home here and we are happy to keep loving on them ?

Thank you all for sharing in our journey and loving this little foster family along with us. ?

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Babies are 8 weeks old today! And mama Jellybean (only just turned 1 year old!) is back to being a kitten again too! Babies are all very big (all over 1000g already!) and growing up so fast. They will be vaccinated and tested soon and spay/neuter appointments hopefully in the very near future too!They will be adoptable soon (pairs preferred) through @socountiesrescue. If you’d like any more information please feel free to dm me.WOULD ASK IF YOU COULD PLEASE SHARE AND SPREAD THE WORD, so we can get these babies and their sweet mama the wonderful forever homes they deserve.??Swipe to see all the babies and mama Jellybean!?
•Noodles (2 pics)
•mama Jellybean relaxing and being a kitten again. Her work is done!?
•••••See our recent posts and our Fosters story highlights to watch the babies grow up.?•••••

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