Meet Harry and RonRon


Harry Potter fans, meet Harry and RonRon!

Ron Ron is not your typical ginger kitty; he is a Weasley. Ron takes after his characters name— he is a goofy romantic who loves a good time! He loves to play in your lap and he will cry when you’re not near. He especially loves going on adventures with his brother and BFF, Harry! As always, they may get into a little trouble, but that comes with the role. Ron Ron is magical, as his pattern is unique and he smells of cotton candy (yum)! You will love holding him near and hearing his sweet, happy purr. 

Harry Potter is a wizard! No, really. He will magically be in one spot and poof— he’s gone. He is a fluffy, green-eyed boy. He also takes after his character— he is smart, courageous, and the “chosen one”. He is the leader of the pack, and he doesn’t mind reminding Ron that he is in charge. Harry feels like soft clouds and smells like candy corn! You will love watching him play with Ron and listening to his magical purr when you pet him. 

Just as their characters, these boys are also lofty eaters. They enjoy a trolley cart load more than anything! Be sure to give them lots of food & love, and they will be sure to add some magic to your life. Always. 

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