Reposted from @tll6601 (@get_regrann) – Chloe is celebrating because our sweet, sassy furriend Coral Snorre Encore has reached a major milestone in her young life – it’s her 16th-month birthday! Our furriend Panky @little_franklin_ is hosting the August Caturday Night Derp-Off in her honor. Since she’s a feisty girl, the theme for tonight’s Derp-Off is Rebel With Claws! But since Chloe has just had her claws trimmed, she chose to go with a very demure Sweet 16 entry instead. This is Chloe’s official contest entry. If she wins, her $60 in prize money will be donated to four sweet kitties in need who are sick & suffering from feline distemper @socountiesrescue. Our paws are crossed for the win! ???#rebelwithclawsedition #caturdaynightderpoff #sweet16edition #mrderpurrez1stcaturdaynitederpoff #chloethecalicokitty – #regrann

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