Credit to from @adventures_of_ee_and_nym (@get_regrann) – Hi, I’m Higgins. My auntie says I’m a beautiful Egyptian God, worthy of worship. I don’t know what an Egyptian God is, but I can get on board with being worshiped ? I’m still available for adoption through @socountiesrescue

If you were my person, I would play tug of war with you every day, help to style your hair in the morning, and purrrrrr while you hold me like a baby and scratch my chest. I’d really like you to pick me and my sisfur Eliza together, ‘cause she’s my wrestling mate, and I luvs her. You also have to adopt my stuffed bunny, because I like to drag it around the house and hide it in special places.

#higginsthefostercat #adopterneeded #adoptdontshop #fosteringsaveslives #fosterkitty #housepanther #blackcat – #regrann

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