People have been dropping their pets off at shelters afraid they might spread Coronavirus. Please do not do this, it’s totally unnecessary! . The World Small Animal Veterinary Association confirms that there is no evidence that the dog contracted COVID-19, nor that it could have passed the viral cause to another human or animal.
Dr Michael Lappin, chair of the WSAVA’s One Health Committee and Dr Mary Marcondes, Co- Chair of the WSAVA Scientific Advisory Committee, recommend that veterinarians remind owners to:
keep their companion animals with them if they are self-quarantined, maintain good hygiene practices, including washing hands when interacting with their pets, arrange care for any animals left at home with family or friends should they be hospitalized, and contact their veterinarian immediately if they have questions or concerns.
On March 13, IDEXX Laboratories, an international provider of veterinary diagnostics and owning a pet which are even more important as so many of us are now having to limit contact with other people. Rather than abandoning a pet, consider fostering or adopting one today!

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