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Babies are 8 weeks old today! And mama Jellybean (only just turned 1 year old!) is back to being a kitten again too! Babies are all very big (all over 1000g already!) and growing up so fast. They will be vaccinated and tested soon and spay/neuter appointments hopefully in the very near future too!They will be adoptable soon (pairs preferred) through @socountiesrescue. If you’d like any more information please feel free to dm me.WOULD ASK IF YOU COULD PLEASE SHARE AND SPREAD THE WORD, so we can get these babies and their sweet mama the wonderful forever homes they deserve.??Swipe to see all the babies and mama Jellybean!?
•Noodles (2 pics)
•mama Jellybean relaxing and being a kitten again. Her work is done!?
•••••See our recent posts and our Fosters story highlights to watch the babies grow up.?•••••

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