The past two weekends we had some wonderful adoptions! We said our very first goodbye last weekend, when Demi went to her forever home with a wonderful couple and her two new older kitty sisters! Our first ever foster farewell wasn’t easy, but it was clear she was in her perfect place with an incredible family, and that makes all the difference.This weekend, Charlie and Latte went home together! They are now named Willow and Maisie (perfect names for them; I’m jealous we didn’t think of those names ourselves!?) to an amazing couple who couldn’t be better forever parents to our very special girls.

This experience has been surreal. It’s painful to walk out the door and say goodbye, yet incredibly satisfying and heartwarming to get updates from their forever families and see how much they’re already thriving and getting the love and spoiling they deserve, from the most giving and caring families. We couldn’t have been more fortunate for these first two adoptions!

Mama Jellybean and the boys (now 14 weeks old) (Noodles, Squeakers, & Wolfie) are still with us and we hope to find them their perfect forevers too! Until then, they have a home here and we are happy to keep loving on them ?

Thank you all for sharing in our journey and loving this little foster family along with us. ?

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